Tactical Electric Manned Vehicle.

A new, unique, electric all-terrain vehicle. 

The EZRaider creates a new category in the field of electrical mobility vehicles.

Combining powerful, go-anywhere mobility in a variety of off-road scenarios, offering operational simplicity, and high reliability and durability - while ensuring the highest level of user safety.

DSRaider’s line of products offers solutions to a variety of target audiences, such as extreme powersport and ATV fans, farmers, hunters, armed forces, police, firefighters, and security and rescue teams.
The versatile EZRaider can be operated over inhospitable terrains, thanks to its unique, field-proven characteristics:
  • Innovative, patented suspension system which gives the EZRaider unrivalled maneuverability
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Powerful electric motors with efficient torque ratio
  • Precise response to user commands for easy handling
  • Folds for reduced footprint and easy transport
  • Unique ground clearance and vehicle angles
  • The highly modular EZRaider can be supplied in multiple configurations for a variety of uses.

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